Walking alongside SMEs towards long-term goals

We combine bright minds, financial analysis and software to support our clients’ growth journeys. 

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Make better decisions

Ensure that in addition to your own thinking you get to pick on the bright minds around you.

Focus on what’s truly important

Have everything strategic in one visual place - updated for you and not by you. Be the Chief Executive Officer instead of Chief Excel Officer and lead your company.

Save time and execute

Leave the mundane, come to a set table and see what actions need to be taken.

I can truly rely on Aamu Partners understanding my business inside and out as well as my own choice of which KPI’s to follow.

Susanne Lindroos

CEO of Sannan Ruokakassi

-Board members & investors-

Get the best board reporting you have ever seen

Have access to the current progress as well as future aspirations of the company in one place and always available.

Truly support the CEO in steering the company

Stepping on toes isn’t the best way to go and causes stress on both sides. Be on the same side and guide with relevant information.

Be a board member, not an operational problem solver

Don’t get bogged down with the operational history at the board meetings. Leave that to us and focus on future opportunities.

I particularly like our cooperation with Aamu Partners, and the fact that the intention was not to get everything done at once and then to "settle" for what was achieved.

Elina Tiira

Head of Finance and Control, Gapps

-How are we different-

Genuinely results-oriented zero bullshit policy in practice.

We focus on solving real business problems and reaching goals alongside you. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA and co-creating measurable results together with you is our mission.

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