Our main service Clarity is a fusion of bright minds and software

Raise the value of your company by doing consistently great and timely business decisions.

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About Clarity

Clarity is an experienced team of analytical masterminds equipped with our self-developed software always tailored to your specific needs. We want to save your time and provide you with sparring to help you come to insights and right decisions.

How it works

Clarity is a structured process of continuous improvement divided into onboarding part and monthly sparring. During onboarding we help you find the optimal strategic, financial and operational metrics to drive your business towards your vision. At monthly sessions we track your progress and help you plan next actions accordingly.

Value we create

We create time for you to focus on leading your company by doing tasks you are irreplaceable at. We help you to constantly keep yourself, your board members, advisors, investors, co-founders and employees aligned to pursue the common goal.

Your investment

Strategic onboarding phase is a one-off investment, monthly sparring sessions come with a monthly fixed fee. Ask us about possibility of redeeming Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher.

Ongoing monthly sessions give me new insights and perspectives every single time Aamu Partners' team points out aspects that I hadn't spotted before.

Mika Lindfors

CEO of Lagerblad Foods

Focus on highest priority tasks, see the progress that matters the most, execute quickly.

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