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Unique Service for Small and Medium-sized Business CEOs and Owners

You want to increase the value of your company as an owner – and we are here to help you achieve that. Whether your goal is to maximize dividends or the price from business transactions, we offer a unique and efficient way to reach your objectives.

We free up your time for effective management and support your operations with an experienced team and customizable software.


Together, we build systematic and sustained growth month after month.

You and Your Company

We work very closely with you, getting to know both you and your company thoroughly.

Specialist Team

You will have access to a team of experienced consultants and analysts, freeing up your time and supporting you in managing growth.

Tailored Software

With a completely customized system, you can maintain a continuous overview, visualize future options, and communicate visually – all from one hub.

Our customer:

"The understanding and structure brought by the business driver mapping help us take the company to the next level. Joni Kukkonen, CEO, Inno Kukko Oy"

Joni Kukkonen, CEO, Inno Kukko Oy

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Our customer:

"The Clarity partnership has helped to clarify the ownership strategy and enabled useful discussions between the owners. Decisions can now be made efficiently based on the correct numbers, and developing qualitative aspects is extremely beneficial for the future of the company."

-Tuomas Rinne, Voda Nordic

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Our customer:

"I initiated the Clarity partnership to get support in making better business decisions and to alleviate the burden of daily hurries with ad hoc tasks. I got what I wanted, and much more."

Marco Sundström, CEO, Sundström Restaurants

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Our service for SMEs

Clarity by Aamu Partners

The Clarity service partnership is a unique service for growing SME’s ownership value. The partnership is based on the Clarity method and the concept that combines our proprietary cloud-based strategy network service and the consulting expertise of the Aamu team. The end result is concrete and measurable results, more efficient use of your organisation’s time and the ability to set and monitor your goals in real time.

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Ownership Strategy

Every small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) owner should have an ownership strategy to ensure that the business operations yield the desired benefits for its owners.
Aamu ensures that you maximize the owner value of your company.

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Mapping and monitoring of business drivers

Model your business logic analytically with us from a numbers’ perspective. This powerful project will help you list the metrics you can leverage with your current systems and identify those you need to add.

The assessment offers clear insights into the beneficial modifications within your company’s operations to ensure that the implemented measures effectively influence the financial statements.

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Become Bankable by Aamu Partners

With Become Bankable by Aamu Partners, we help you choose the right financing option for your business based on your objectives, we guide you through the financing discussions, and we don’t leave your side until the financing is in place.

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Financial Due Diligence

We assess the financial state of a target company for corporate transactions. This examination helps in determining the right value for a business deal or investment, and it reduces risks for both parties. Aamu offers a more comprehensive model than the industry standard.
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Internationalization of SMEs

At Aamu Partners, we are experienced collaborators for firms going global. We provide comprehensive support for internationalization, woven into a cohesive project package.
Aamu Partners ensures you avoid the pitfalls of internationalization.

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