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From wholesale to marketing communications agencies, our clients are very diverse, both in terms of their range and their needs. Aamu Partners will tailor a solution just for your business


“Developing an owner strategy is crucial for every company, and it’s beneficial to engage an external, independent party in this process. Collaborating with Aamu facilitated constructive and goal-oriented discussions, which allowed us to address even the most challenging issues and gain many new insights from the owners’ perspective.”

Sanni Seppälä, Founding Partner, Kakadu

Alltech Fennoaqua

“For once, someone is looking at this operation completely from the outside and can identify what could be done better. And they share best practices based on experience: how to build the financial function and how to lead effectively based on accurate numerical information.”

Tomi Kantola, CEO, Alltech Fennoaqua

PING Helsinki

“During our collaboration, the company’s turnover has tripled, and in this, the systematic and long-term approach of the Clarity partnership has been a significant support.”

-Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, CEO and Founder, PING Helsinki


“Collaboration with Aamu has helped us to holistically understand the profitability of our business and to manage the company’s daily operations effectively.”

Risto Kuusisto, CEO, Notra Oy

Innovation Home

“The Clarity service partnership has helped us focus on our core business, trim unnecessary expenses, and manage growth based on correct information.”

tells the rapidly growing Innovation Home’s Chief Operating Officer, Tommi Aaltonen.

Ametro Oy

During the Clarity service partnership, the revenue increased from just over two million to nearly four million.

“With Aamu’s recommendations, we were able to target growth investments more effectively and cost-efficiently, and the confidence to invest in growth improved as a result of the collaboration.”

Ville Haataja, CEO, Ametro Oy

Klinik Healthcare Solutions

“Through the collaboration, we gained excellent capabilities for international growth and obtaining additional funding related to it. Insights emerged in Morning’s workshops on how to structure our business, both for internal clarity and external presentation.”

Petteri Hirvonen, CEO

Inarin Kultahovi

Aamu accelerated the journey of Inari’s Kultahovi towards corporate acquisition. Aamu also assisted in managing the company’s valuation on the path to corporate restructuring. In October 2022, the corporate acquisition was finalized, and Inari’s Kultahovi now continues as a Wilderness hotel.

“Working together with Aamu accelerated our journey to the corporate acquisition, and helped us to carry out the process professionally.”

-Kaisu Nikula, Founder


Aamu supports Nanoksi in implementing its partner strategy and ensures that growth proceeds as planned. This is achieved by monitoring the sales pipeline and exploring how to manage it to assure growth.

“We didn’t acquire the service based on our current state, but rather for its necessity in achieving our future goals.”

Tomi Viitanen, CEO, Nanoksi

Lihatukku Tamminen

“This cooperation creates constant value. It’s incredibly hard to think of anything negative to say.”

Pasi Tamminen, CEO, Lihatukku Harri Tamminen Oy

Bell Rock

“Aamu’s team provides us with both practical tools for data-driven management and valuable sparring and support in implementing our growth strategy.”

Juuso Lehto, CEO, Bell Rock


Grundlage is an advertising agency that, according to its own words, dares to do things differently. The agency specializes in solving brand growth challenges through means such as strategic marketing planning and conceptualization.

“I am very satisfied with the service from Aamu’s team”

Mari Tauler, CEO, Grundlage

Brandcrafty Oy

How do you guide a marketing agency with substantial expertise towards significant growth? When is it decided that enough time has been spent testing a service, and how is it turned into a profitable business?

“Aamu Partners has adapted flexibly to changing situations and has always taken on the role that we most urgently need at the time.”

Iira Jäntti, Managing Partner, Brandcrafty


Differo received concrete recommendations, analyzes and support with extensive experience and expertise from Aamu. This collaboration is a perfect example of the core work that Aamu uses to strengthen its customers’ growth direction.

“During the Due Diligence phase, it became evident that all the numerical information requested was readily available for reporting, thanks to Aamu’s efforts. This availability of detailed data provided the buyer with a sense of trust, as there was substantial and convincing evidence to support the discussions and the strategies outlined.”

Katri Tanni, entrepreneur, Differo

Drama Queen

A marketing and communications agency wanted support and a systematic approach to business development and management.

Grapevine Media Oy

“Aamu Partners acts as a financial personal trainer for them, thereby easing the hectic life of a small business CEO and occasionally alleviating feelings of inadequacy.”

Marika Siniaalto, CEO, Grapevine Media Oy

A-T Lastenturva

“Analysis was important for us: we had four stores, and there had been no store-specific comparison or profitability calculations before.”

Mika Rimpiläinen, owner and CEO

Harjanti Oy

Harjanti Oy is a longstanding constructing contractor offering services for both professional and private clientele. Their service portfolio encompasses infrastructure projects, repair and new construction works, along with transportation services.

“This is exactly what I was looking for. Expectations are high for the future.”

Matti Venetvaara, CEO, Harjanti Oy

Nikolai Sourcing

“We have discussed the collaboration internally and are really satisfied with our partnership with Aamu!”

Rauli Ratasvuori, Commercial Director, Nikolai Sourcing

Pielisen Pojat Oy

“The collaboration and the implementation of precise data brought clearer tunes and peace of mind for steering my company. Aamu Partners was also a great sparring partner in various kinds of ideation.”

Sari Kiiskinen, CEO

Premium Pet Food

Our cooperation with Premium Pet Food Finland Oy started with a major reporting overhaul in the summer of 2021. The growing company had just made significant investments in production and undergone a change in ownership.


“The goal was to create clear tools and a systematic approach to restaurant management. Through our collaboration, we succeeded in doubling the chain’s operating margin and cash balance.”

Janne Juvonen, CEO, VoiVeljet


The collaboration between Wannado and Aamu began when Wannado needed support in reviewing its financial figures, for which Aamu’s team had a solution. Clearer numbers would guide which direction would be most beneficial to proceed in.


Our collaboration with Woodberg started in October 2020. Woodberg, a manufacturer of timber buildings, had successfully completed a few construction projects and needed our sparring to determine a common future direction.

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