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Clarity by Aamu Partners

The Clarity method has been proven effective in achieving business goals in the use of small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether it is increasing revenue, improving profitability, optimising cash and cash flow, or tackling challenges, Clarity can help. The method can be utilised in any industry.


During the partnership the company’s revenue has tripled
and Clarity’s systematic and long-term partnership has been
a significant support in the progress.”

– Inna-Pirjetta Lahti PING Helsinki


Thanks to Clarity, we know better
which operations are profitable for us
and what needs to be improved or cut back.”

– Sari Kiiskinen, Pielisen Pojat Oy

“The Clarity partnership was set up to develop data-driven management
and make financial forecasts more reliable. Through the partnership,
operating profit and cash balance have doubled.

– Janne Juvonen, VoiVeljet Oy

Clarity partnership enables efficient data-driven management to achieve business goals

The Clarity method is applied in SMEs as a service partnership offered by Aamu Partners. The partnership combines an experienced expert team and a tailored software with a pragmatic and systematic management process in order to achieve desired business goals.

SMEs achieve their business goals by making the right decisions at the right time, based on accurate information, and ensuring that the decisions are implemented. Clarity partnership automates much of this data-driven management process, allowing business leaders to focus on concrete decision-making and operational management.

“This collaboration looks like a profit-making machine. It’s very difficult to come up with anything negative to say.”
– Pasi Tamminen, Lihatukku Harri Tamminen Oy


#1 You lead the future based on forecasts, rather than focusing too much on the past. Often, a company’s business decisions are based on historical data, and management does not have reliable forecasts to base decisions on. The Clarity partnership includes continuously updated business forecasts, which can be tracked using the Clarity software. You always know where your company is going and can quickly respond to changing situations.

#2You focus on the right things and prioritise your time effectively. The partnership first defines clear, measurable business goals, after which your company’s business is broken down into cause-and-effect relationships using the Clarity method and modelled in the Clarity software. From the software, you can see conveniently which business drivers need to be managed to achieve the desired goals. You don’t waste your time on trivial matters.

#3 All the information you need can be found in one place without manual work. A customised Clarity software environment is created for each client, which gathers all the information needed for your company’s decision-making in one place, clearly visualised. Management no longer needs to spend time and effort mapping and collecting reports and data.

4# The information has already been interpreted, and comes with ready-made observations and tailored action proposals. Our expert team, which has assisted hundreds of SMEs, interprets your company’s situation based on the correct numbers, presents their observations, and provides ready-made action proposals. This enables the company management to focus on concrete decision-making instead of analysis and speculation.

#5 You ensure the effectiveness of decision-making. At the beginning of the partnership, desired business objectives are defined in workshops, and in monthly meetings, it is ensured that the company takes the right actions to achieve these objectives. Continuous and systematic monitoring of the company situation ensures that the direction is right and enables corrective measures to be taken in good time.

“The Clarity service partnership has helped us to lead growth based on information.”
– Tommi Aaltonen, Innovation Home

Benefits of the Clarity partnership for the CEO

The Clarity service partnership is the CEO’s best friend and an efficient personal trainer. The partnership ensures that the CEO always has all the necessary information pre-digested, and they never have to face business decisions alone, but always have the opportunity to spar and bounce ideas off an experienced and independent expert team. The company’s strategic focus remains on operational management, and the steps towards achieving business objectives are clear.

Benefits of the Clarity partnership for the management team

The work of an SME’s management team is often sprawling, which the systematic Clarity approach provides efficiency and clarity to. The service partnership also ensures that all management team members have up-to-date and consistent information for decision-making. In the morning, the expert team can act as an external and independent advisor to the management team and facilitate collaboration between the company’s different functions. The partnership ensures that the management team operates on the same information base towards common goals.

Benefits of the Clarity partnership for the board

You know that your CEO has the support of an external and independent expert team to facilitate and enhance the achievement of desired business objectives. You ensure that the CEO receives the necessary support and can tackle challenging tasks. From the Clarity software, board members always see the company’s up-to-date situation, and board reports are automatically generated with just a few clicks. Reliable forecasts, pre-analyzed company situation, and clear action proposals also enhance decision-making at the board level.”

Experiences from Clarity by Aamu Partners


“The understanding and structure brought by the business driver mapping help us take the company to the next level.”

Joni Kukkonen, CEO, Inno Kukko Oy

Voda Nordic

“The Clarity partnership has helped to clarify the ownership strategy and enabled useful discussions between the owners. Decisions can now be made efficiently based on the correct numbers, and developing qualitative aspects is extremely beneficial for the future of the company.”

-Tuomas Rinne, Voda Nordic


“Developing an owner strategy is crucial for every company, and it’s beneficial to engage an external, independent party in this process. Collaborating with Aamu facilitated constructive and goal-oriented discussions, which allowed us to address even the most challenging issues and gain many new insights from the owners’ perspective.”

Sanni Seppälä, Founding Partner, Kakadu

Alltech Fennoaqua

“For once, someone is looking at this operation completely from the outside and can identify what could be done better. And they share best practices based on experience: how to build the financial function and how to lead effectively based on accurate numerical information.”

Tomi Kantola, CEO, Alltech Fennoaqua

PING Helsinki

“During our collaboration, the company’s turnover has tripled, and in this, the systematic and long-term approach of the Clarity partnership has been a significant support.”

-Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, CEO and Founder, PING Helsinki

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