Support for Corporate Restructuring
for SMEs

Increasing the value of your company is a key objective, which can materialize in two ways: building your company into a dividend machine or selling the company/its business operations. Aamu Partners helps you achieve both goals. If you want to maximize the price obtained from corporate restructuring, keep reading this page. If you want to build an efficient dividend machine, check our Clarity Partnership

Why Choose Aamu Partners for Corporate Restructuring Support?

Maximizing Price: Get the best possible price from corporate restructuring.

Minimizing Risks: Avoid the pitfalls of corporate restructuring.

Reliable Expert Team: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced professionals.

Comprehensive Service: We offer all the services needed for corporate restructuring from one place.

What Do We Do in Practice?

Our services are always tailored to the client’s needs, typically including the following elements:


1) Determining the Current Value and Owners’ Intentions

  • We utilize various valuation methods, to get a broad overview of your company’s value and proceed appropriately.
  • We conduct market analyses and competitor mappings, as external factors almost as much as internal factors affect your company’s value. 
  • We help clarify your intentions regarding the company’s value, so you can achieve your desired goal in the desired time frame, considering the realities of the situation.


2) Maximum Profit for the Owners

  • We identify the drivers of your company’s value, so you know what the counterparty is willing to pay for.
  • We perform cash flow forecasts and sensitivity analyses, which we can use to justify the value to the counterparty and, if desired, lead to value growth. 
  • We assess the maximum price for your company’s value, so we have a clear and realistic target. 
  • We create a concrete schedule for increasing value, so we know when the goal will be achieved. 


3) Plan for Corporate Restructuring

  • We determine the best exit path for you. Not all exits are the same. There are share and business operations sales, mergers, and many other ways to realize a company’s value in corporate restructuring. When we know your company and your goals, we can define the best way forward for you. 
  • We form this path into an exit strategy and a concrete plan, where we list and schedule the necessary actions before corporate restructuring. 
  • If necessary, we also map out how to reduce personal dependency. 


4) Maximizing Value Before Corporate Restructuring

  • In the long term, we can use Clarity partnership for systematic and sustained value increase. Proven effective with hundreds of SMEs in raising owner value. 
  • In the short term, we package your company for sale, making it an attractive package for the buyer.
  • Packaging can include e.g. optimizing financial management, documenting value, and DD-readiness.
  • Mapping buyer profiles and candidates from Finland or abroad, utilizing our tools and contacts.


5) Maximizing Value During Corporate Restructuring:

  • Professional materials attract the right buyers to the negotiation table.
  • The models and documentation created justify the value to the buyer.
  • The new knowledge of the owners and the support of the expert team improve negotiation positions. 
  • We create competition among buyers
  • We assist with contract matters with our partners
  • We help compare offers and make counteroffers
  • We can also support during the integration phase in the months following the conclusion of the deal.


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