Mapping and monitoring of business drivers

What drives your system and data decisions?

What is Business Drivers Mapping?

It’s common to start with ”development of reporting” and building definitions of data sources, without having an in-depth understanding of the drivers needed for management. We take the opposite approach.

Who is the business drivers mapping for?

The service is specifically intended for the CEO or management of an SME when the company’s growth has reached a point where the management and measurement of strategy needs to be improved, or the company’s growth and profitability are not developing as desired.

Also when support is needed in financial management but the approach is unclear, the company is undergoing or is about to undergo a strategy process, or there is a lot of change in the external environment.

What do you get from a business drivers mapping?

After the project, you get your business logic modelled and opened up from a driver perspective and a documented business logic tree to use in the future.

Metrics that fit your company’s business logic, your situation and your goals to make an impact on your management.

A list of which of the above metrics you can track using your current systems, and a list of which metrics you cannot track using your current systems.

An external expert’s view on how best to manage drivers and root causes rather than outcomes.

Honest and unbiased recommendations on development measures.

How will the mapping be carried out?

The mapping of business drivers and monitoring takes place over 2-4 weeks and includes the following steps:

Kick-off meeting

The project starts with a kick-off meeting to define the participants, the schedule and the practicalities of the project.

First workshop

In the first workshop, an unfolding of the business logic, prioritisation of the metrics relevant to management and a list of the systems in use will be carried out.

Second workshop

In the second workshop, we will go through the verification process: can we find the desired metrics in the existing systems? How long will it take to find, manipulate and visualise them? And what data sources or refined metrics are we still missing?

Findings and recommendations

At the final meeting, you will receive a report from the Aamu experts on the current situation and recommendations on next steps.

What is not expected from you?

VAT 24% will be added to the prices. The work will be invoiced at the time of the starting decision. Payment term 14 days.

What is not included in the survey?

  • Setting target levels for the most important metrics for management
  • Logging into the client’s own systems or collecting data
  • Creation of enterprise-level development roadmaps
  • Analysis and recommendations based on data, e.g. financial data
  • Implementation or piloting of the Clarity system
  • Creation of additional customised documentation, e.g. for the management team or board of directors

After the mapping you can:

If everything is in place, you can continue as before and use the results of the mapping internally. The project will also allow you to develop internal policies and processes for management and monitoring.

Develop your management so that it is based on the right drivers and a reliable, up-to-date picture of the situation.

In addition to these, you can consider Aamu Partners’ Clarity service partnership, and continuously improve the implementation of your strategy and achieve your goals. Please note, that the mapping does not commit you to anything.

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