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How Clarity Partnership helps you to grow your SME’s valuation

Aamu Partners has developed a systematic model for companies to achieve their goals: the Clarity method. The Clarity method is implemented as a continuous partnership with Aamu Partners, during which a timely, data-based decision-making process is enabled to support the achievement of business objectives. The partnership combines qualitative consulting with a systematic and long-term working method and software developed by Aamu. The progress of objectives and the company’s situation can be monitored from the Clarity software, which is customized for each client. The method can be applied in any industry.

“This collaboration looks like a profit-making machine. It’s very hard to find anything negative to say.” -Pasi Tamminen, CEO, Lihatukku Harri Tamminen Oy

The Value of Clarity Service Partnership for a Company

The service partnership enhances a company’s ability to achieve business objectives, and therefore the partnership is tailored to each client. Most often, business objectives are related to increasing revenue, improving profitability, or enhancing cash and cash flow.

For example, during the Clarity service partnership, Ametro Oy’s revenue nearly doubled, from two million to almost four million. “With Aamu’s recommendations, we were able to target growth investments more effectively and cost-efficiently, and the courage to invest in growth improved with the collaboration.” says Ville Haataja, CEO of Ametro Oy.

The partnership with Pielisen Pojat Oy also had a strong emphasis on profitability, resulting in a clear improvement in profitability. “Clarity gave us, so to speak, a rudder for the ship and helped identify pitfalls. Now we know better which activities are profitable for us and what needs to be optimized or cut out.”, says Sari Kiiskinen, CEO of Pielisen Pojat Oy.

The collaboration with VoiVeljet also focused on profitability, and with the partnership, VoiVeljet’s EBITDA and cash balance have doubled. A healthy cash balance is also a prerequisite for internationalization for many growing companies, as in the collaboration with Klinik Healthcare Solutions: “The collaboration gave us very good readiness for international growth and for obtaining additional financing for it.” says CEO Petteri Hirvonen.

The business objectives pursued in the service partnership can also be other than those mentioned above, or they can be more specific (such as increasing recurring revenue or opening a new area of operation). However, for all business objectives, making the right business decisions is crucial, to which Aamu offers the effective Clarity working model.

Cornerstones of the Clarity Service Partnership

As described in the previous section, the value of Clarity to the customer lies in achieving business objectives, whether they relate to revenue, profitability, or something else. But what ultimately creates this value?
Effectively achieving business objectives requires making and systematically implementing the right business decisions. The Clarity partnership is intended to enhance this process. The service partnership offers:

1) A systematic approach to making business decisions.

2) An experienced expert team to support decision-making.

3) Software that allows the development of the business to be monitored and predicted.

The Clarity working method helps a company’s management focus on the most important issues for the business. “Aamu’s team helps focus operational work in the right direction and keeps us constantly informed.” says Irina Viitala, founder and growth leader of Wannado.

Aamu’s expert team has helped numerous SMEs achieve their goals, across various industries and business situations. The team alone has 40,000 hours of experience in supporting businesses with Aamu’s clients. “The diverse expertise and service portfolio of Aamu Partners convinced me to start the collaboration.”, says Mikko Isomäki, CEO of Premium Pet Foods.

The Clarity software included in the service partnership visualizes the company’s business into a convenient logic tree or diagram, making the cause-and-effect relationships of the operation clear. The software integrates essential data from the company’s other systems to examine the company’s situation and future based on the right numbers. “The Clarity software is tailored for us. We can start tracking new information or remove less important metrics from regular monitoring. This tool helps us focus on the future.” agrees Mika Lindfors, CEO of Lagerblad Foods.

An accurate view based on the right information enables effective day-to-day management of the company, prediction of the future, and achievement of objectives with the help of the expert team. As Tomi Viitanen, CEO of Nanoksi, comments: “We didn’t buy the service for what we are today, but for what we need to get to where we are going.”

Achieving Goals Based on More Effective Decision Making

When the systematic working method is combined with the client-customized Clarity software and the support and coaching of the expert team, it enables in the company’s operations:

  • Focus on the most important issues for the business
  • Decisions are made based on the right information and an up-to-date picture of the situation
  • Decisions are made at the right time
  • Decisions are also implemented in practice
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of actions and continuous improvement

As Juuso Lehto, CEO of Bell Rock, says: “Aamu’s team offers us both practical tools for data-driven management and valuable sparring and support in implementing the growth strategy.” Or as Edvard Krogius, CEO of Nikolai Sourcing, puts it: “There is more strategic structure now”.

The Clarity working method and collaboration with the expert team comprehensively add structure and business expertise to the company’s operations. “I have learned something new from every meeting we have had with Aamu” -Ville Haataja, CEO, Ametro Oy

When starting the collaboration, the Clarity working method is new to many companies and differs from old operating models. Collaboration with the expert team invariably brings new structure to the company’s management and helps to sharpen already good practices to the next level. Often, the Clarity working method also helps to increase business expertise in the company’s daily operations. In a soon-to-be-published blog article, we will explain in more detail how the Clarity service partnership works in practice.

If you want to enhance the achievement of your company’s business objectives, such as increasing revenue, improving profitability, or improving cash and cash flow, fill in the form below, and we will jointly assess your needs.

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