Experiences with the Clarity Partnership

The aim of the Clarity Method is to enhance the owner value of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through effective day-to-day management, grounded in precise data and aligned with long-term strategic objectives. It caters to various owner goals, whether it’s evolving the business into a prolific source of dividends or optimizing the valuation in corporate restructuring scenarios. The method is integrated into businesses as a part of a service partnership provided by Aamu Partners.

Cornerstones of the Clarity Partnership

The Clarity Partnership ensures profitable growth with a knowledge-based management model, providing corporate leadership always with:

  • clear guidelines on the future of the company and the intentions of its owners
  • strategic objectives and operational activities planned as a unified whole
  • knowledge of which concrete actions in operational activities impact strategic objectives
  • the ability to monitor the realization of strategic goals
  • all necessary numerical data available for making business decisions
  • all unnecessary information removed from the decision-making process
  • support from an experienced and external team of experts in decision-making
  • a method to implement decisions into practice
  • a systematic way to ensure the effectiveness of decisions in increasing owner value

With the Clarity Partnership, SME management can focus on leading rather than on gathering and speculating information, supported by an experienced team of experts.


PING Helsinki

The Clarity Partnership was instrumental in enabling significant growth at PING Helsinki.
“During our collaboration, the company’s turnover has tripled,
and in this, the systematic and long-term
working method of the Clarity Partnership has been a significant support.”

-Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, CEO and Founder, PING Helsinki

Innovation Home

The Clarity Partnership was instrumental in supporting profitable growth at Innovation Home.
“The Clarity service partnership has aided us in focusing on our core business,
eliminating unnecessary expenses, and leading growth with a data-driven approach,”

shares Tommi Aaltonen, the Chief Operating Officer of the rapidly growing Innovation Home.

Ametro Oy

During the Clarity partnership revenue increased from just over two million to nearly four million.
“With Aamu’s recommendations, we were able to target growth investments more effectively
and cost-efficiently, and our confidence to invest in growth improved with the partnership.”

-Ville Haataja, CEO, Ametro Oy


The Clarity collaboration helped Differo on its journey towards corporate restructuring.
“The collaboration provided us with a clear structure for utilizing information,
and accelerated the planning of corrective decisions based on data.
Additionally, I also learned a lot myself!”

-Katri Tanni, Entrepreneur, Differo

The Clarity partnership helped navigate through growth pains and global crises.

“With Clarity, you can immediately see if the previous month has gone awry, and corrective actions can be taken right away. When there is a deep understanding of what the numbers consist of, you also know what actions need to be taken to rectify the situation.”

Mikko, CEO of Premium Pet Food, describes how Clarity has helped through global crises.


Our mission is to serve as the reliable partner for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), aiding them in increasing shareholder value. We engage in shoulder-to-shoulder cooperation with our clients, employing our distinctive Clarity method, a unique approach to ensure the profitable growth of SMEs.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth and success of SMEs, both nationally and on the international stage.


Our goal is to be the first thought of SME entrepreneurs when considering the enhancement of their company’s shareholder value. We aim to be recognized for our developed Clarity method, which has helped thousands of SMEs achieve significant success and sustainable growth.

Our vision is to be the partner that assists thousands of SMEs and their owners in realizing their full potential.

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