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The Story of Aamu

Aamu Partners was established to support SMEs in increasing owner value.

Aamu Partners was born out of our own need as CEOs, board members, investors, and advisors to develop and grow SMEs. We continue on this path to this day.

The founders of Aamu are involved in various companies and have an in-depth understanding of the Finnish corporate landscape. In the field, the founders identified a clear need: many SMEs lack the internal resources for deep and systematic enhancement of their company’s owner value.

Founders of Aamu Partners: Alberto Carrero, Anders von Bonsdorff, Tuomas Paananen, Sanna Wester, and Wilhelm Rosenlew

Company management is understandably often caught up in the day-to-day operations and firefighting, leaving little time for development activities, especially in gathering and analyzing numerical data. Many management members are involved in their first or second business, and while they have solid experience in their field, they may not have significant experience in business in general.
To meet this challenge, Aamu has assembled a team with a vast knowledge base, experienced in hundreds of different companies and thousands of diverse business situations. These are situations many companies only encounter once or twice in their lifecycle, such as seeking financing, major investments, internationalization, or business arrangements. Aamu brings large company management resources to SMEs.

Aamu’s model is based on close collaboration between the expert team and the client, and the Clarity method, which guides the company’s operational activities to effectively and purposefully increase owner value. This method is supported by customizable software that consolidates all essential company information in one place and models business logic as well as cash flows and forecasts.

Aamu ensures that SMEs always have the direction they desire and that company management has all the information they need. Through collaboration, management also has the opportunity to consider and spar with those who have previously navigated similar business situations. A service partnership based on continuous support and monthly meetings ensures the highest possible owner value — whether the owners want a dividend machine or to maximize the price in business arrangements.

If you’ve ever felt the need for support in increasing your company’s owner value, contact Aamu Partners. The only service provider focused on increasing the owner value of SMEs.

Our Values

We believe in close and continuous collaboration with our clients. We know that our clients’ success is our success. In our approach, we combine down-to-earth and human touch with top-notch expertise. In our cooperation, we avoid jargon and showmanship, focusing instead on clear guidance and ensuring effectiveness.


Our mission is to serve as the reliable partner for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), aiding them in increasing shareholder value. We engage in shoulder-to-shoulder cooperation with our clients, employing our distinctive Clarity method, a unique approach to ensure the profitable growth of SMEs.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth and success of SMEs, both nationally and on the international stage.


Our goal is to be the first thought of SME entrepreneurs when considering the enhancement of their company’s shareholder value. We aim to be recognized for our developed Clarity method, which has helped thousands of SMEs achieve significant success and sustainable growth.

Our vision is to be the partner that assists thousands of SMEs and their owners in realizing their full potential.

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We are a chill team that values each other and competence. We do our best to help our clients to succeed in implementing their growth strategies. Send us an open application if you want to join us.

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