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Internationalization is a dream and a challenge for many SMEs. At Aamu Partners, we are experienced partner for firms going global. We provide comprehensive support for internationalization, bundled into a cohesive project package. You can also avail of our individual services tailored to your specific needs, such as a financing plan or market analysis.

“Through our collaboration, we gained excellent readiness for international growth and the associated additional financing acquisition.”
-Petteri Hirvonen, Klinik Healthcare Solutions

Internationalization Services by Aamu Partners

At Aamu Partners, we have developed a comprehensive service portfolio that encompasses the mapping and planning of key internationalization actions, and we also offer concrete support for the internationalization process itself. You can order the entire service package or just the specific areas you need. The service package includes the following areas:

  1. Mapping the owners’ intentions
  2. Assessment of the company’s internationalization capabilities
  3. Target market mapping
  4. Investment plan
  5. Funding plan
  6. Ongoing support for internationalization
  7. Other necessary services from our network

#1 Owners’ Intentions
When considering internationalization, the first question is: what do the owners want? It’s important for the owners to understand that internationalization is expensive, time-consuming, and presents a different set of challenges than starting and scaling a business domestically. At the outset of the internationalization plan, we assess whether the owners truly intend to internationalize. If the owner strategy needs further refinement, or doesn’t exist at all, Aamu offers a separate service for developing an owner strategy.

#2 Company’s Internationalization Capability
Before deciding to start internationalization, it’s crucial to know if the company has the capacity to successfully carry out such a project. A failed internationalization project can, at worst, threaten the entire future of the company. Aamu’s internationalization plan includes an assessment of the company’s capabilities in advance, minimizing the owners’ risks. The capability assessment includes evaluating the company’s current state and cash flow-based modeling of the business model. This service can also be ordered without the internationalization aspect as a business driver mapping.

#3 Target Markets
Once it’s established that the company wants to internationalize and has the necessary capabilities, the next step is to determine “where?”. As part of our internationalization service, Aamu helps in selecting the most suitable target markets for your company. The extent of target market mapping is tailored to the client, but may include defining the target customer in an international environment, market, and competitive analyses.

#4 Investment Plan
Internationalization is a major investment. As part of the internationalization project, we create an investment plan: the costs of the project and the expected returns. Aamu can also provide investment plans without an internationalization perspective.

#5 Funding Plan
Once the investment plan indicates the resources needed for internationalization, these resources must be secured for the company. At Aamu, we have extensive experience in creating funding plans, both with and without an internationalization angle. The plan covers your financing needs (including defining the optimal capital structure), financeability, and various suitable financing options. If needed, we can also assist in seeking funding.

#6 Continuous Internationalization or Business Support
The Clarity method developed by Aamu Partners, and the service partnership based on this method, are ideal for increasing owner value in both domestic and international business. The service partnership ensures that SMEs always have control and a clear direction towards their desired goals. With this partnership, you always have all the numerical data needed for business decisions, the necessary plans and forecasts, and an external expert team that has gone through numerous similar business situations.

#7 Other Necessary Services for Internationalization
Internationalization requires many other actions besides those listed above. Aamu Partners’ network also provides other necessary services from legal to marketing, and from accounting to recruitment.

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