The Clarity Method

The Clarity Method

The Clarity Method is an industry-independent approach developed by Aamu Partners for leading and growing SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). The objective of the Clarity Method is to enhance the owner value of SMEs by efficiently managing day-to-day operations through the use of accurate figures and long-term strategic goals. Whether the owners aim to turn their company into a dividend machine or maximize the price received in corporate restructuring, the Clarity Method is designed to support these goals.

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The method was developed by bringing together experienced professionals from various business areas, including finance, analytics, management, funding, M&A, and corporate restructuring. Additionally, the best practices for increasing the value of SMEs and data-driven management were identified and incorporated. The developers of the method not only have extensive education but also tens of thousands of hours of experience from thousands of different business situations, working with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries.

The method combines the best practices from the business world into one effective package, tailored to be utilized and industry-independent for SMEs. It has been in use for the last five years among Aamu Partners' clients and has proven to be an effective way to increase a company's shareholder value. The method and its tools are continuously improved through practical experience.

The utilization of the Clarity method varies greatly depending on the company, its business, and owners. Some SME owners aim to create a high-dividend company, while others seek to maximize the price obtained from merger or acquisition. Ideally, the method is used over a long period of time, building a large and stable company that maximizes owner benefits according to their wishes.

Throughout the journey, different themes are explored on how to increase company value. The method identifies unique value drivers for each company, but often, factors linked to revenue, profitability, and cash flow increase value. As described by Aamu's Clarity partnership clients:

“During our collaboration, our company's revenue has tripled, and the systematic, long-term approach of the Clarity partnership has been a significant support.” -Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, CEO and founder, PING Helsinki

“During the Clarity partnership, revenue rose from just over two million to nearly four million. Aamu's recommendations helped us target growth investments more effectively and cost-efficiently, and our courage to invest in growth improved with the partnership.” -Ville Haataja, CEO, Ametro Oy

“Aamu helped us better understand which of our operations are profitable and what needs to be optimized or cut.” -Sari Kiiskinen, Pielisen Pojat Oy

“Our goal was to improve data-driven management and make financial forecasts more reliable. Thanks to the partnership, EBITDA and cash balance have doubled.” -Janne Juvonen, VoiVeljet Oy

“It turned out that during the DD phase of corporate restructuring, all requested numerical information was immediately reportable thanks to the Clarity partnership. This also gave the buyer confidence, as there was convincing evidence for the discussed and strategically described matters.” -Katri Tanni, Entrepreneur, Differo

“Our collaboration with Aamu accelerated our journey to a business sale and helped us professionally manage the process” -Kaisu Nikula, Inari Kultahovi

“This collaboration seems like a profit-making machine. It's very hard to find anything negative to say.” -Pasi Tamminen, Lihatukku Harri Tamminen Oy

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The Clarity method can be utilized by the CEO, executive team, board of directors, owners, and investors of an SME. This method assists in focusing on only the most crucial aspects of business management and shareholder value. It aids in making the right business decisions at the right time, based on accurate information and situational awareness, and ensures that these decisions are implemented effectively. The systematic and continuous approach guarantees the impact of actions and ongoing improvement, as well as the maximization of shareholder value.

The Clarity method is designed to pinpoint and understand the specific goals and aspirations of an SME's owners, thereby facilitating the development of a tailored and effective owner strategy. Based on this strategy, a concrete plan is formulated to grow the company in a way that serves the purposes of its owners.

The method identifies factors influencing the company's value and systematically manages them. Long-term strategic goals are translated into operational targets, and a cash flow-based logic tree model is used to identify specific factors that, when influenced, can achieve desired results. All necessary information for making the right business decisions is gathered, analyzed, and visualized through the method, facilitating informed business decisions based on the likely effectiveness of different actions.

At the heart of the Clarity method is the commitment to maintain a constantly updated and comprehensive situational awareness of the company. This approach is crucial for enabling effective and responsive management.

With a comprehensive and constant overview of the company, and a systematic approach that monitors strategic goals monthly, the company's leadership can quickly respond to changes in the business environment and internal dynamics. The method also includes a continuously updated financial forecast for the company, which is essential for timely actions, such as in financing solutions and hiring.

In principle, the Clarity method does not require any specific technical tools and its teachings and tactics can be applied even with simple tools like a grid notebook. However, to get the best out of the Clarity method in practice, decision-makers benefit most from access to a digital environment that consolidates all relevant information in one place, already analyzed and visualized. Therefore, in a Clarity partnership, a customizable Clarity software is used for data collection and analysis.

The Clarity Service Partnership is a service offered by Aamu Partners that implements the Clarity method into the operations of client companies. At the beginning of the partnership, the intentions of the owners are mapped out, and a plan is developed to achieve the owners' goals. For more information, you can read about the Clarity Service Partnership on Aamu Partners' website.


Our mission is to serve as the reliable partner for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), aiding them in increasing shareholder value. We engage in shoulder-to-shoulder cooperation with our clients, employing our distinctive Clarity method, a unique approach to ensure the profitable growth of SMEs.

We are dedicated to fostering the growth and success of SMEs, both nationally and on the international stage.


Our goal is to be the first thought of SME entrepreneurs when considering the enhancement of their company’s shareholder value. We aim to be recognized for our developed Clarity method, which has helped thousands of SMEs achieve significant success and sustainable growth.

Our vision is to be the partner that assists thousands of SMEs and their owners in realizing their full potential.

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