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Why Is It Advisable to Use an External Facilitator for Developing an Ownership Strategy?

Developing an ownership strategy might seem straightforward. “It’s just a bit of agreement among the owners, right?” In reality, strategy work often requires long-term discussion, combining various differing perspectives, and long-term strategic thinking. Ownership strategy also tends to get overshadowed by other “more important” tasks, even though, fundamentally, the ownership strategy should guide the entire operation of the company (read our blog on why every company should have an ownership strategy).

Aamu Partners is experienced in creating ownership strategies and has outlined four good reasons to use an external entity for developing an ownership strategy.

  1. You get an impartial and independent perspective on the ownership strategy.
  2. The ownership strategy is completed on time.
  3. The ownership strategy is completed efficiently.
  4. Integration of the ownership strategy with the business strategy.

1. You Get an Impartial and Independent Perspective on the Ownership Strategy

An external entity can provide an objective perspective on the ownership strategy that is independent of any internal political or personal interests within the company. A facilitator has no preconceived notions or burdens related to the organization, ensuring a fair and impartial strategy development. An external party helps unify all owners’ perspectives into a functional ownership strategy.

2. The Ownership Strategy Is Completed on Time

An experienced facilitator can efficiently complete the ownership strategy using a clear and tested process. Developing an ownership strategy is not just casual conversation among owners; it’s a goal-oriented process with clear milestones and outcomes. A facilitator’s scheduled process ensures the timely completion of the ownership strategy.

3. The Ownership Strategy Is Completed Efficiently

Owners of SMEs often have many distractions that interfere with the creation of an ownership strategy. An experienced and knowledgeable facilitator ensures that the strategy focuses on the essential questions, avoiding unnecessary diversions. The facilitator also prepares for workshops, efficiently conducts them, and compiles the final ownership strategy, allowing owners to focus on providing their views on desired goals and resource contributions.

4. Integration of the Ownership Strategy with the Business Strategy

Linking the ownership strategy with the business strategy ensures that the owners’ set goals and expectations are reflected in the company’s operations and decisions. An experienced strategy consultant can connect the goals of the ownership strategy with business objectives and business decisions. In Aamu Partners’ ownership strategy service, it’s also possible to perform business-related calculations to achieve the goals of the ownership strategy, as well as to clarify and link the company strategy with the ownership strategy.
If you want an efficiently produced and timely completed ownership strategy, contact Aamu Partners or read more on our ownership strategy service page.

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