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Why am I here? Bruno

My story, like many others, hasn’t been a straight line to my childhoods dream job as Batman.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and interest in business. This started at an early age as we were selling “paint” made from dirt, water, and anything else found nearby with my cousin at the ripe age of 6. In high school I realised that the paints weren’t selling so well for reasons still unknown and began to sell peas during the summer at Helsinki market square with my brother. Since there aren’t many peas in Finland during the winter and I was eager to do something, I gathered a few friends and we collected financing from relatives to sell Christmas trees, this was before larger department stores came in to the competition and the markups were huge. For a few young boys this turned out to be so successful that we repeated it the next winter. As we kept our whole inventory of hundreds of Christmas trees unguarded at the point of sale with none stolen, I started to realise that the massive crime wave would not be hitting Helsinki anytime soon.

Towards the end of high school I felt that there was a pressure to get in to a university straight after high school, so instead of studying to the high school matriculation exams I studied for the entrance exams to study law in Helsinki. This wasn’t a wise choice for a young man since I didn’t do very well on either one of the exams. Looking back at this time I feel that this was the first point in my life that propelled me towards my right career path.

After high school I went straight to the military and served for the whole year as a reconnaissance sub-sergeant, this caused me to miss the entrance exams that year so I spent the next year washing carpets and rugs at my local launderette, this gave me plenty of time to think about what I would like to do with my life. As I have always had an interest in business and tend to be quite analytical I decided that I wanted to study Industrial Management in Vaasa. I applied and was accepted. During my studies I interned in an international management consulting company and returned there for the next summer. I was starting my path to align PowerPoint slides for the rest of my life until 2016 I had the opportunity to join my brother and a friend to start a business selling smoothies. Through our smoothie business I met Anders and Tuomas and saw what Aamu Partners was doing at that time. I was immediately inspired by the backgrounds of the team as well as the company and their genuine will of helping SME’s. After a few months and two vacations, one in Lofoten Islands and the other in Dubrovnik I had the opportunity to join their team.

It has been a very rewarding experience to see first-hand the various businesses and models by which they operate, and to bring value to SME’s with our range of expertise and experience, and by bringing an outside perspective to their business.

I haven’t completely ditched the idea of becoming Batman but for now I’m very happy that together we at Aamu Partners can be the Alfred’s for our customers.

What colleagues say about Bruno?

  • It is unknown whether Batman’s Alfred has his own “Alfred”. Nevertheless, Bruno is ours.
  • In addition to everyday analytical alchemy, knows a great deal about health and nutrition and has inspired as all to think through our wellbeing
  • Both financial modelling magician and wizard of witty one-liners, which both impress our team every day.

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