-Operation Phoenix-

Operation Phoenix is targeted for SMEs looking to reinvent themselves urgently

Make sure you thoroughly understand the situation at hand, map out consequences and alternative tactics, and push through challenging times

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About Operation Phoenix

The service was initially developed for SMEs coping with the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). We help companies to do damage control, map out consequences and ways going forward, and most importantly focus on effective and timely execution of planned concrete actions.

How it works

Operation Phoenix is a speedy yet extremely focused one-off project usually consisting of 2-4 workshops with the top management of the client. We break down your business analytically into "atoms", analyze the true short- and long-term effects of the challenges you face, map out potential sources for funding and devise a powerful and actionable plan for the coming weeks for you to execute.

Value we create

We make sure you leave no stones unturned when looking for ways to reinvent your business and execute the project in the shortest possible schedule as time is critical during crisis. You gain thorough understanding of the true financing options available to your company and leave the project with momentum to rise again like a Phoenix.

Time is of the essence during difficult times,
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