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We are constantly looking for like-minded people to help us serve our clients better

What’s the purpose of Aamu Partners?

We are here to make tangible and measurable positive impact both on the businesses we serve as well as the people running those businesses. We breathe business in its most concrete form: entrepreneurship in growth seeking SMEs. Helping and serving our clients is the #1 priority – it will bear fruit in the long-run for us as a team.

What kind of people are we looking for?

Depending on the role you are interested in we might have special qualities we look for. However, each one of us shares some common values, qualities and aspirations with one another. Genuine will to help and serve our clients is paramount. We are top tier professionals but humble. Compassion takes us far and helps us relate to the ones we serve. Being on the growth trajectory ourselves, curiosity helps us find new and better ways to perform. We help a colleague in need knowing that she will return the favor because this is team work. If the following statements resonate, you might be a match:

  • You are looking for a place in which you can challenge yourself and unleash your passion instead of conforming to bureaucracy and politics
  • Being a high performer yourself, you are looking for a tight team of A-players who think big, want to go far together and have the grit to do so
  • You are a rare creature brave enough to jump off the traditional ladder and title chasing
  • Building and creating something that’s never done before intrigues you – even though you know it’s not easy
  • In your opinion, having fun and laughing do not diminish your professionalism – quite the opposite actually :)

What do we offer our team members?

  • Modern, fresh and transparent organization full of only A-players able to execute
  • Output and result oriented culture, no micromanaging, low hierarchy but no chaos
  • Work from where you want, when you want – we trust you
  • No need to wear a suit or fancy attire, focus on your abilities to create value
  • Unique and systematic service loved by clients and proven to produce results
  • Solely CEOs and owners of SMEs as your clients
  • Deep dive into the world of concrete strategy work, strategy execution, finance and data-driven decision-making
  • Integral part of our own growth, possibility to leave your mark and someday say “I was there”
  • New challenges, constant learning and personal growth together with our clients and ourselves
  • Physical and mental health a priority – we have been in the rat race ourselves and know it’s not the way to run a high performing company

Who would likely be a mismatch?

Being honest and straight forward, we acknowledge that working with us might not be ideal for everybody. Below we listed some personality traits that most likely would not fit our culture, clients and current state of growth.

  • If you constantly put yourself before clients and colleagues
  • If you enjoy status quo more than growth and learning
  • If you perform best under strict guidance and protocols which are not to be changed
  • If you are more interested in hype than in actual value creation for clients
  • If you thrive in solely academic and theoretical working environments aiming for perfection

What do your possible future colleagues have to say?

We want to convey you a realistic and concrete picture of what it’s like working at Aamu Partners. Get to know your possible team members and see what they have to say!

Consulting & client work

Ville – Why am I here?
Bruno – Why am I here?

Sales & marketing

Julia – Why am I here?

Management & founders

Tuomas – Why am I here?
Sanna – Why am I here?
Anders – Why am I here?