-Case study-

“Thank you! I didn’t realize, I would benefit from Clarity this much!”

– Susanne Lindroos, CEO of Sannan Ruokakassi

Case in a nutshell

Sannan Ruokakassi’s CEO, Susanne Lindroos uses Clarity to run her business in the most profitable manner, to plan sales more accurately and to communicate the key facts about the business to external stakeholders instantly when needed. That helps Sanna save a lot of time.

Sannan Ruokakassi as a company

Sannan Ruokakassi is a market leader within the Meal Kit segment in Finland. The company delivers ready planned meal kits, recipes and high-quality ingredients for delicious meals to your doorstep. Customers order their meal kits as a weekly or bi-weekly subscription. The company was established in 2011 and its turnover is approx. 3 MEUR.

“The team at Aamu Partners had really done their homework preparing the workshops and challenged me with questioning the relevance of the data and data sources.”

Cooperation with Sannan Ruokakassi has begun with a smaller step. Susanne needed assistance with choosing and prioritizing the right metrics to follow and efficient ways to measure them. Processing an overwhelming amount of data is a classical situation for eCommerce companies. How to choose what matters for the management and for the operational team? Additionally, together with her business, Susanne’s to-do-list had grown so rapidly that it became hard to handle for the CEO alone. Aamu Partners took a challenge of creating time for Susanne to be able to use her energy for the essential tasks.

At first it was a bit hard for me to get a clear picture of how the Clarity software itself will help me in my strategical an operational decision-making. We started out with the workshops to identify all the necessary KPI’s and the sources from which I at that point used to collect the data. As a result of the workshops I could truly rely on Aamu Partners understanding my business inside and out as well as my own choice of which KPI’s to follow.”

“As a result of these exercises and workshops the model was put up in the Clarity software and this is when I got really excited.”

During the workshops, that were tailored for Susanne’s most urgent needs at the time, we also analyzed a list of software and applications, that Sannan Ruokakassi had in use. Having done that, we came up with a solution which helps Susanne to run her business in a more profitable manner, to plan sales more accurately, as well as to get rid of several Excels. We put the model up in the Clarity software for a better visual presentation of our findings.

“No more flipping through several sources and excel sheets trying to remember what formulas to use and where to get the numbers and KPI’s needed. In Clarity I get them in one place, nicely and clearly presented and it is easy for me and my management team to make decisions based on reliable numbers. And the best part is that I don’t have to update the data myself. During the monthly sessions with Aamu Parters we analyze the data together and the discussions gives us at Sannan Ruokakassi a good ground for further actions.”

I have chosen to continue to work with Aamu Partners and using the Clarity software as it really saves me time and I know I can rely on the KPI’s and make data driven decisions.

Susanne Lindroos

CEO of Sannan Ruokakassi

Tuomas Paananen

tuomas@aamupartners.com+358 50 323 6363Read more

Tuomas runs the day-to-day operations at Aamu. Previously he has helped a wide range of clients in the fields of strategy consulting, operational improvement and private equity in a variety of industries. He also chairs Tamado Investments, a real estate investment company he co-founded in 2013. Tuomas holds a Master’s Degree in Strategy and Finance from Aalto University School of Business.

Ville Poikolainen

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Ville takes care of Aamu Partners' clients and operations. Before Aamu Partners, he worked at BearingPoint with a broad range of high profile digital strategy and transformation engagements for leading national and international companies. His expertise covers driving large organisation wide transformation initiatives, planning and executing ecosystem strategies, accelerating companies digitally driven customer experience transformations, and supporting companies in their new business acceleration and internationalisation plans.

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