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“Our leadership has become more confident, since our key metrics are clear & easy to track.”

– Perttu Paukkeri, CEO of Markkinointitoimisto WDS

Case in a nutshell

Markkinointitoimisto WDS uses Clarity in order to establish and maintain a link between their business model, key operational as well as financial metrics that drive their business. That is often a challenge in creative industries, since many essential drivers of the business are intangible and cannot be found in financial statements nor CRMs. With help of Clarity team, Perttu Paukkeri, the CEO of WDS, is now able to fully direct his energy into actual strategy execution and be a more confident leader.

Markkinointitoimisto WDS as a company

Markkinointitoimisto WDS is a marketing agency specializing in helping companies build and implement successful help of their Outsourced Marketing Team service, which combines digital technologies and creative mindset of their specialists. The company was established in 2010 and today it employs 10 people.

“Aamu Partners had the proactivity we were looking for”

Our cooperation with WDS started from a situation, when the company had been growing for a couple of years. That had resulted in a constant lack of time to spend on the company’s own strategy work. Additionally, there was a need for a separate financial specialist. Unlike many companies, Perttu already knew, that financial management could be outsourced to good field specialists, since WDS had outsourced financial activities before.

“I have chosen Aamu Partners and Clarity, because I felt that in addition to their experience in strategy and finance, they were able to understand the nature of our business and the industry in general. They had the proactivity we were looking for. We do not tell them what we need for our next monthly meeting, they come up with suggestions for our business themselves.”

“The most eye-opening part of Clarity has been modeling the business logic”

“Visualizing the causal path to the goals set in strategy and seeing how it can be logically linked to financial figures is very powerful. With Clarity we can easily monitor the progress of the strategy execution in figures. Tracking down the root causes of issues has become much clearer. All the relevant financial reports are all in one place and visualized. Board reporting, as well as internal reporting is almost effortless.”

“None of the dashboards or software I used in the past have made this possible”

“Today, we follow the numbers and graphs we haven’t exploited before. Seeing the strategic metrics in a visual form has directly increased the quality of our leadership. The easier your data is to understand, the better your business decisions are. Monthly meetings with Aamu Partners team really enable great sparring for our business.”

Breaking down company’s strategy into metrics and monthly monitoring the progress is an ingenious approach to managing an organization.

Perttu Paukkeri

CEO of Markkinointitoimisto WDS

4Bruno works as an analyst at Aamu and has previous experience from similar roles in management consulting for global companies. He also has an entrepreneurial mindset and background. Bruno is currently finishing his M.Sc. studies on Industrial Management.

Ville Poikolainen

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Ville takes care of Aamu Partners' clients and operations. Before Aamu Partners, he worked at BearingPoint with a broad range of high profile digital strategy and transformation engagements for leading national and international companies. His expertise covers driving large organisation wide transformation initiatives, planning and executing ecosystem strategies, accelerating companies digitally driven customer experience transformations, and supporting companies in their new business acceleration and internationalisation plans.

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