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Lagerblad Foods: From good to great!

“Clarity eases day-to-day tracking of financial issues and provides an opportunity to drive the future.”

– Mika Lindfors, CEO of Lagerblad Foods

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4+ hrs per week

of CEOs time saved from financial admin to planning and execution


improvement in all employees' access to company's goals and up to date financial performance information

Long story short

Working with Lagerblad Foods has started in circumstances, where nothing in particular needed to be fixed. However, positive impact from our cooperation is seen in many areas of the company. According to Mika Lindfors, Lagerblad Foods’s CEO, being able to see the Group’s consolidated picture in a single place and to dig deeper into root causes gives a better understanding of why something has changed. Looking to the future considering good & bad options and constant access to our company’s performance with any device helps to react to changes at the right time.

“Clarity makes it simple to view sales by product groups and budget from one place in an easily comprehensible form.”

Lagerblad Foods has been manufacturing top quality pre-cooked frozen food products since 1998. Today Lagerblad Foods serves via wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, service stations and retail stores in Finland and in Sweden. The company has been steadily growing for the past 20 years. In 2018 their turnover reached 15,3 M€, EBIT 8.5% and 29 members of staff.

Mika wanted to improve ways of monitoring business development, as their reporting kit consisted of separate Excel, Powerpoint documents as well as couple of different information systems. Updating and going through all of them occupied considerable part of Mika’s working day. Additionally, Mika wanted every Lagerblad’s employee to have access to company’s goals & performance information in order to increase team’s alignment with a common vision.

“This tool is flexible and it is always relevant to the current situation.”

As stated by Mika, Clarity helped him see causal relationship between financial and operational drivers in a new light. Ongoing monthly cooperation makes it possible to point out critical aspects of the business that can be improved. Pricing is one of the key issues for Lagerblad’s growth, which is why Aamu Partners has developed a new tool for making their pricing faster and more accurate.

According to Mika, he, the management team and all the board members can now follow Lagerblad’s progress towards the common goals from Clarity software without him updating numerous separate reports. That saves him several hours of time per week, that can be used for more crucial tasks. Starting from April all the employees are be able to follow linkage between their own & whole company’s strategic performance right from Clarity displayed at the break room’s screen.

Clarity software is tailor-made for us. We can start tracking new insights, or remove less relevant metrics from regular tracking. This tool helps us keep our focus on the future.

Mika Lindfors

CEO of Lagerblad Foods

The team of this case

4Bruno works as an analyst at Aamu and has previous experience from similar roles in management consulting for global companies. He also has an entrepreneurial mindset and background. Bruno is currently finishing his M.Sc. studies on Industrial Management.

Tuomas Paananen

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Tuomas runs the day-to-day operations at Aamu. Previously he has helped a wide range of clients in the fields of strategy consulting, operational improvement and private equity in a variety of industries. He also chairs Tamado Investments, a real estate investment company he co-founded in 2013. Tuomas holds a Master’s Degree in Strategy and Finance from Aalto University School of Business.

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