-Case study-

 “If we had to do this on our own, most likely the job would not have been finished – if started at all”

– Kasper Pöyry, CEO of Gapps

Case in a nutshell

The case started after the company had entered a phase of tremendous growth, and Gapps’ inhouse CFO role was undergoing staff changes. There was a need to bring more predictability to their fast growing company’s finances, and to develop a more comprehensive view on what data to analyse for the future decision-making.

Aamu’s kick-starting initiative and systematic approach to cooperation with Gapps has made it possible to develop a company-wide way of measuring KPIs and tracking their progress, at the same time providing accurate forecasts for the future.

As a result, Clarity saves the CEO and the CFO of Gapps about 2-3 hours per week for preparing reports for the board and for monthly all-hands-meetings with the Gappsians. Additionally, transparency and communication about the overall state of the company requires less explicit explanation as more people can see the data directly from Clairity.

Gapps as a company

Gapps develops new digital services to your company and offers modern tools for work. They offer modern cloud-based tools that make it possible to work anywhere, anytime and with any device. Gapps was the first company to receive Google Cloud Premier Partner status in Finland.

“General dissection of business logic is a great way to see what the company is really made of and what the key metrics to follow are”

Our cooperation with Gapps started with an onboarding workshop set. They wanted to draw their evolving business logics, update KPI-s, re-think their significance and the ways of gathering the data for the continuous analysis.

Another important goal for our cooperation with Gapps was to simplify and at the same time to make their communication with the board of directors more effective. To bring BoD angle to the discussion, Gapps’ chairman of the board, Vesa Sironen actively participated in the onboarding phase. According to Vesa, Gapps’s BoD needed relevant, up-to-date financial information spelled out without putting unnecessary burden to the operative leadership.

“I see huge added value in the fact that Aamu team gathers the data from various sources, where software alone does not solve problems”

“If we had to do this on our own, most likely the job would not have been finished – if started at all,” says Kasper.

“When background data from company’s history starts being in order, we can finally turn our sight to the future. It is precious, when you can reliably forecast the future, which is modeled based on the solid history data,” explains Kasper.

“Clarity has eased my workload”

“Previously, for example, monthly results presented to the board and employees were collected manually from multiple sources, and slightly different perspectives were presented to different audiences. As a result, there were more excel updates to do. Now that the accounting is complete, the data is being transferred to Clarity without my input, and the reports that come from Clarity there are very comprehensive,” tells Elina Tiira, the Head of Finance and Control.

“Thanks to Clarity & Aamu Partners, we have jointly updated our forecasting process and started looking at other aspects of financial data. If we had done that transformation and thinking completely internally, it would have taken several times as much of my time, and it would still be in process. Everything done has been absolutely necessary,” adds Elina.

“Transparency matters”

“In startups & high-growth companies, people sincerely care about the company more than on average. That is why transparency matters. It’s great that now we can more easily tell our employees about good and not-that-good results,” concludes Kasper.

With the help of monthly cooperation, Gapps’ board meetings have become much more structured & precise. External data analysis made by Aamu helps Gapps’ BoD & CEO to focus on the key data points instead of reviewing all possible numbers.

Clarity software by itself has not significantly increased our profitability. Whereas, Aamu Partners’ team has come up with good hands-on tips on it.

Kasper Pöyry

CEO of Gapps

4Bruno works as an analyst at Aamu and has previous experience from similar roles in management consulting for global companies. He also has an entrepreneurial mindset and background. Bruno is currently finishing his M.Sc. studies on Industrial Management.

Ville Poikolainen

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