Raise the value of your company by doing consistently great and timely business decisions.

Focus on highest priority tasks, see the progress that matters the most, execute quickly.

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Focus on what you are best at - leading your company

We are here to strengthen your decision making with the most relevant information tailored for your company.

Save time and get advice at the right moment

The single most valuable asset of a growing company is the CEO’s time. Would you rather do the administrative work yourself, or close the deal of the year? We create time for you to work on what’s essential.

Increase transparency and align vision

Constantly keep yourself, your board members, advisors, investors, co-founders and employees aligned to pursue the common goal.

I save several hours on a weekly basis that I can spend on thinking and planning Lagerblad Foods' future.

Mika Lindfors

CEO of Lagerblad Foods

Our pricing consists of starting fee & monthly service fee.

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